Friday, December 16, 2011

When Life Throws You Mandarins...

..what do you do?

We have two mandarin trees in the yard outside our kitchen, bursting with fruits. No matter how long I´ll live in Greece - I´ll always find this very exotic and special!
At Christmas, when I was a kid, my mum used to buy a case of mandarins, and we´d eat those sweet fruits until we felt like bursting. It was this once-a-year-thing, a part of the Christmas celebrations.
Now you can probably buy mandarins even in June in an average Norwegian supermarket. Artificially grown - as we to need to have everything available all the time.
What happened to seasonal?

Well, my trees grow 100 percent naturally, and bear fruits in December.
So even as a grown up, at Christmas time, I can eat as many mandarins as I want - and I even get to pick them myself!
Isn´t that truly amazing - or what??

My kids have to leave for the school bus at a quarter past seven in the morning, when it´s still dark. Some mornings I feel sorry for them, having to leave our warm nice home to go out in the cold and wait for the bus...(If we had lived in Norway I´d probably do home schooling in the winter!:) Other mornings I feel guilty for not being a better mum (don´t tell them!). And some mornings I am simply nice.
Then I go out in the dark, to the mandarin trees, and pick mandarins. The fruits glow in the dark. They´re small, so I need quite a few for the mandarin juice.

The juice is so sweet you believe sugar was added. You can´t possibly drink more than a glass. But you do manage to eat a few mandarins for dessert - that´s a whole different chapter.

And that´s what to do when life throws you mandarins.
Enjoy the fruits!


  1. You are lucky to own mandarin trees on your yard! I always wanted to have one.

  2. Yum, yum! How lucky. My first introduction (as a kid) to mandarins, I'm afraid, was from a little can of the fruit segments with too-sweet juice. Just can't stack up to fresh off of the tree!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  3. What a beautiful glass of juice! Wouldn't mind starting my day with that :)

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  5. This is amazing! It is such a strange concept to me to have lovely, orange-harvesting weather in December because I live in Colorado where it is bitter cold from usually October to March. How cold does it get there in the winter months? What a luxury that must be, having your own mandrin tree! The only fruit bearing trees I can think of that we could have in our back yard are plum trees and apple trees.

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