Friday, December 9, 2011

Saint Anna´s Feast

Today the Greek orthodox church celebrates Saint Anna - and of course, that means nameday celebration for everyone called Anna.
Traditionally, Greeks celebrate their namedays, not the birthday.
Because, according to my mother in law: "We are Christians". She didn´t even know which day she was born - like most of her generation.
Most Greeks are named after a saint, as many priests, even today, will refuse to baptist a child another name. Except from ancient Greek names.
Though "our" priest was more liberate and said that any child can grow up to become a saint - the name doesn´t matter. I guess he´s right about that. It´s not like mother Teresa would not have become a saint if she was called Tove, or what?
Back to Anna. I am mainly writing this post as it´s an excuse to share one of my favourite Greek songs, Annoula tou xionia - Little Anna of the snow.

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