Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The New Parterre

Like I told about in this post a few weeks ago, I have been pretty busy moving earth (and building muscles). The parterre behind Villa Lotus has now been filled both with soil and a row of lavender plants.

I love lavender.  It´s not only the smell and the pretty flowers, but all the associations connected to this plant: The good life in a Mediterranean country, long lunches outdoors in the shade, stone walls and the smell of heat from the ground...

Yes, I know you can grow lavender in other countries, too, but that´s not the same.. . It won´t keep the same ideas of full, warm, dry summers, the intense song of the cicadas and long, lazy evenings under a velvet sky...

When the plants grow bigger an flower, this will be a cozy and private little yard for our guests staying at the blue studio. Cool and shady in the morning - a perfect place for your morning coffee. Actually, I think I´ll be visiting!
At the end of the row I have planted a cypress tree. Only this tall!  But in a few years it will have reached the sky!:)

As I have mentioned before,  many times when I work in our garden I find these shells. Especially along the old stone wall, that stretches all along our land and prevents our neighbour´s land, a terrace higher, to slide into our garden.

Now as I was cleaning out weeds and thorny wild raspberry bushes along the wall, I found these kind of shells again.
How did they get here?
I never find these kind of shells at the beaches.
I imagine that a woman like me, who once lived at this land, collected these and used them to decorate her home or garden. Just like I do.
But from where?
And when was this?
And who was she?


  1. Enig, elsker lavendel !
    Jeg plantet ut en hel haug, da vi gjorde ferdig hagen på vår Villa i Italia, og det tok knappe 3 år, så var de store og måtte klippes ned, de siste to årene har de vært som enorme BUSKER - til stor fryd sommerstid blant våre gjester :)

    Lykke til !

  2. Jeg har noen ganger problemer med lavendelbusker som vokser seg digre og så plutselig dør de. Aner ikke hvorfor - noen tips?

  3. Fun to wonder about these beautiful shells...
    Konstigt med lavendelbuskarna som dör, kanske de behöver mindre och mindre vatten eller något med åldern?! Jag älskar oxå lavendel!

  4. Yes, we´re three kilometres from the sea! It´s strange.



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